Burnside Radiators

October 28, 2020

In search of effective radiator repairs that will last or a brand new one? Look no further.

Burnside Radiators in Christchurch are experts in repairing and replacing radiators and air conditioning units.

Come see the team to get your reliable car heating and cooling system repairs today.

Why Us?

At Burnside Radiators, we’re passionate about making sure our customers have car heating and cooling systems that they can rely on and that won’t break the minute they drive away. Infact, we specialise in it!

Radiator Services & Products

Got a cracked radiator? Or maybe it just needs replacing? No matter the reason, the experts at Burnside Radiators. With fast, efficient installation and repairs, it’s no wonder why were Christchurch’s leading radiator specialists.

Car Air Conditioning

Whether you’re looking for a new car heating and cooling system, repairs to be done on your existing a/c, or just need to give it a good clean, Burnside Radiators can help. We can tailor our services to suit every vehicle.


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