Cover It

April 20, 2021

Need your vehicle covered? Whether it’s ute cover, car upholstery or if you just need a trimming or reupholstering quote, come see the experts now!

Restoring your upholstery in and around Christchurch, from repair specialists.

Send us photos of the repairs before hand if needed, or contact us today for a free quote!

Auto upholstery

Trust Cover It for dependable services on your car or automotive vehicle’s upholstery needs. Whether it’s modern or classic, our upholstery and cover services are certain to leave your car in the best condition.

Aircraft and Boats

With a great wealth of experience, knowledge and training, our experts at Cover It provide quality upholstery and cover services for your marine or aviation vehicle, suitable for every situation.

Auto and Marine covers

Whether it’s a ute, a boat, a truck or storage, Cover It has got you covered! We’ll cover it with the right kind of cover for your vehicle and with our vast range always have the solution for you!


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