Professional property insulation for private homes, rentals and farm accommodation for staff.

March 20, 2021

Without proper insulation a lot of heat is lost through a home’s walls, ceiling and floor

Dunbar’s Insulation have local installers in Southland, North Otago and South Canterbury to help private homeowners insulate their homes properly.

Landlords and farm owners who have staff accommodation on site need to make sure their insulation is up to scratch – Dunbar’s Insulation can help.

Insulation for ceilings and floors

Ceiling and underfloor insulation is one of the most efficient ways to improve a cold house. Dunbar’s Insulation professionally installs insulation from leading brands.

Insulation for farm buildings

If you provide accommodation for your farm workers, it needs to be properly insulated to meet regulations. Dunbar’s Insulation can inspect your property and help your bring it up to scratch.

Insulation regulations

To help keep tenants warm and dry and ensure landlords meet new requirements, Dunbar’s Insulation can install high-quality insulation in all rental properties.


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