On Pointe Studio

April 23, 2021

For a supportive environment and qualified staff, On Pointe Studio will help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

For bootybarre® and Pilates reformer classes in Christchurch to suit your timetable and your budget, visit On Pointe Studio in Christchurch.

Our in-house nutritionist will devise an individual, holistic plan to improve your diet and your lifestyle.

bootybarre® workouts

bootybarre┬ę – pronounced boo-tee-bar or barre for short – draws on the exercises of Pilates, ballet and yoga and uses the ballet barre for a fun all-round fitness class done to music.

Reformer and Pilates

Achieve an all-over body workout with our Pilates reformer classes. A twist on classic Pilates, reformer uses a custom-designed machine which combines a sliding carriage with bars and straps. Or try our mat Pilates classes.

Nutrition specialist service

If you’ve got health issues or want to improve your general well-being, make an appointment with the clinical nutritionist at On Pointe Studio for a complete evaluation of your diet and lifestyle. You’ll receive a personalised plan to address your concerns.


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