Roadrunner Manufacturing

April 7, 2021

Roadrunner Manufacturing has established itself as the country’s leading aluminium fabricators

In New Zealand, Roadrunner Manufacturing has an enviable reputation for producing precise aluminium products

To obtain a free quote, please contact Roadrunner Manufacturing with your requirements

Aluminium fabrication

How can our team help? For bespoke tool boxes and diesel tanks through to ute boxes and aluminium air tanks please contact us today with your specifications.

High-quality waterjet cutters

Are you looking or a top-quality waterjet? If you are unsure about which size or brand is best for you, please talk to us as we can advise you which one will best suit your application.

Photos of Custom aluminium products

To gain inspiration for the types of aluminium products that can be fabricated, please view our photo gallery. Then contact us with your requirements and we’ll fabricate your product exactly.

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