Sharna’s Dog Care

October 1, 2020

Dogs of all sizes are welcome at Sharna’s doggy daycare with great indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sharna’s doggy daycare allows dogs to play together with a large selection of toys and a team of human playmates to keep an eye on them.

Sharna’s also offers professional dog grooming to keep your pet looking smart and healthy.

Dog grooming for all breeds

Getting your dog regularly groomed is an important part of their care. Sharna’s team is experienced with all breeds, especially large dogs and also expertly grooms nervous dogs and puppies.

Doggy daycare in Christchurch

Sharna’s doggy daycare looks after your pets when you can’t be there. Our dogs have lots of others to play with, human interaction and lots of toys in a home away from home.

Dog treats and accessories

In the shop next to the daycare, Sharna’s stocks a range of accessories including comfortable collars and leads, warm dog jackets and all natural food treats.


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