Solar Living

May 1, 2021

Decrease electric bills and your carbon footprint with solar powered photovoltaic panel systems.

We provide solutions so you can lower your energy cost and reduce your power bills immediately.

We’re addressing climate change head-on, helping you embrace a sustainable future and keeping New Zealand clean and green.

Carefully selected product range

Solar Living has carefully selected the solar products we offer – Hopergy Mountings, Jinko Solar Modules, and Enasolar Inverters – because we believe that quality, durability, high efficiency and stable performance is of paramount importance.

Expert installation services

Whether you it’s for your commercial, rural or residential property, we can install quality photovoltaic solar panel systems in any property or home. With prompt and simple installation services, we’ll make sure the systems are properly installed.

Repairs and system maintenance

The photovoltaic solar panel systems Solar Living installs are designed for a 25 year low maintenance life (yearly cleaning will be required). Robust warranties back up all products and if there are any issues you can contact us for expert assistance.


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