BC Plumbers

February 1, 2021

Based in Christchurch, BC Plumbers delivers residential, and commercial and light industrial plumbing solutions to customers throughout the Canterbury region.

BC Plumbers is a team of qualified and experienced plumbers who will ensure your plumbing job is completed to highest standard.

Our services range from plumbing installations for new builds and renovations to leaky tap repairs and the inspection of backflow preventer devices.

Commercial and light industry

For plumbing solutions for small to large-scale commercial clients, including offices, rest homes and the hospitality sector, as well as for light industry, you can’t go past BC Plumbers.

Residential installations

BC Plumbers is a residential plumber offering plumbing installations and renovations as well as everyday plumbing services. Our team will get the work done right the first time.

Repair and maintenance services

BC Plumbers has all your plumbing maintenance covered. If it’s plumbing related, we’ll fix, service, test or unblock it. Our team will also install and inspect your backflow preventer devices.


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