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Specialists in every aspect of concrete for residential and commercial properties - your Christchurch team servicing all of Canterbury
Manufacturing cake hardware and cake decorating supplies in NZ
Safe, healthy water made easy with our range of water filter and UV filtration systems
Expert plumbing services for residential, light industrial and commercial customers.
High quality repairs and services, J.A. Ward panelbeaters based in Christchurch.
Your leading property safety management team offered in Wellington and across New Zealand.
Fast, efficient pest control team specialising in non-toxic methods, helping homes throughout Christchurch and Canterbury.
Make your outdoor space look better than ever - Paragon Fencing Systems supplies high-quality PVC fencing from Christchurch to Dunedin.
The best sunscreen available across New Zealand offering a broad range of protection.
More new customers and more repeat business through lead generating websites and marketing

Local Business Of the Month

Limit Zero

November 16, 2020

Are you thinking about getting a PT in Christchurch, to help you achieve those goals? Limit Zero is the team for you.

No matter your fitness goal, our team of experienced and qualified personal trainers are here to push you to achieve.

Whether you’re after one-on-one PT sessions, group fitness classes or use of our top quality gym equipment, you can do it all at Limit Zero.

Gym Memberships

If you’re ready to achieve your fitness dream, joining the Limit Zero team is the first step. Memberships are all inclusive of personal training sessions, group classes, gym access, fitness podcasts, great discounts and more.

Our Trainers

At Limit Zero, our personal trainers have one goal – to achieve your goals! We understand it can be daunting to start your fitness journey, but our friendly, experienced and qualified personal trainers are here to help you.

Personal Training Sessions & Group Classes

Whether you’re just getting into exercise or are looking for some further guidance, we have some of the best options in Christchurch to get you there. Personal training sessions involve working with our trainers one-on-one to understand your goals.

Cellfield New Zealand

November 16, 2020

Find out how our dyslexia treatment programme achieves outstanding results in as little as two weeks!

With fun comprehension and reading challenges, our programme provides an incentive to improve.

With qualified experts to help with the job, we only use proven dyslexia treatment methods.

Proven results

With Cellfield centres and a huge staff working all throughout New Zealand, the team at Cellfield specialize in helping individuals of all ages with learning issues and dyslexia read and are also trained practitioners.

How our dyslexia programme works

We take a scientific approach using comprehensive dyslexia testing to ensure better results. From eye examinations to utilizing computer technology, our programme helps dyslexic readers learn faster than ever before.

Learn about our reading programmes

No matter what your difficulties in learning are, if you are dyslexic and want to catch up or excel, the programmes at Cellfield can help you to achieve your goal.

Duo Fitness & Massage

November 15, 2020

Your personal trainers each have more than five years of practical hands-on experience.

If you want to smash your fitness goals, then talk to Matt and Sam from Duo Fitness today.

Contact Duo Fitness for addictive 1:1 personal training, online fitness classes and massage.

Group personal training

If you live in Christchurch you can have one on one personal training from Matt or Sam. And if you live elsewhere in New Zealand you can sign up for online personal training. Either way you win.

6-week online fitness challenge

Since the lockdown, New Zealanders have been working out in a new way from home! If you now work from home, you don’t have to ignore your fitness. Join one of our workout plans and get sweaty from home.

Massage for relaxation

Are you stressed out? Do you find it difficult to relax? Is your daily schedule so action packed you can’t remember the last time you had time to yourself? Book a relaxing massage treatment with Sam.

Nimrod Engineering

November 14, 2020

From attachments to manufacturing to design, Nimrod Engineering are the specialists for all things earth-moving.

At Nimrod Engineering, we offer a wide range of high quality attachments and accessories for your excavator and earth-moving needs.

Completing your job to a high-quality is of great importance to us, and we’re committed to finding you the best solution available.

Hitches, Buckets & More

Our attachment products are designed to meet your needs. We supply excavator hitches, buckets, root rakes and accessories, all designed for durability and strength. Improve your excavation productivity and performance today!

Our Services

We want to make your work easier for you, ensuring your equipment is working efficiently. Our team offers services for refurbishments, repairs, certification, custom design, and general engineering that are second to none.

Get In Touch With Us

We’re based in Christchurch and would love to hear about your excavation queries. Give us a call or come see us, and we’ll figure out the best way our products and services can solve your personal excavation needs.

Tracktion Motorcycles

November 13, 2020

Tracktion Motorcycles are here to supply you with top quality motorcycle bikes and gear for all your motorbiking needs.

We supply a range of bikes from leading brands, including KTM, Husqvarna, LAMS Models and Kawasaki.

Take a look through our online store, and have your new motorbike and gear delivered straight to your door.


At Tracktion Motorcycles, we stock a range of leading motorcycle brands, and have both new and second hand bikes available. No matter what type of bike you’re looking for, you’re bound to find the one perfect for you in our online store.

Gear & Accessories

Whether for on road or off road, our extensive range of top quality motorbike gear and accessories will have you covered. Our range includes apparel, protective clothing, goggles, helmets, gloves, boots and much more.

Tracktion Workshop

The team at Tracktion Motorcycles are all fully qualified motorbike technicians, and are here to help our customers. Our workshop in Christchurch is dedicated to making sure your bikes are operating at their top performance, whether on or off road.

Dawson Springs & Wire Forms

November 13, 2020

Professional spring design and manufacture

Select from wide-range of spring components, metal pressings, and wire forms from Dawson Springs and Wire Forms.

You can be confident you are dealing with a family business with a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality workmanship, innovative design and great customer service.

Compression Springs

Dawson Springs and Wire Forms have many compressions springs to choose from.

Available Torsion Springs

Uses of Torsion Springs

Available Extension Springs

Uses of extension springs

Taunton Holdings

November 13, 2020

Traserscreen machinery, supplied by Taunton Holdings to New Zealand customers, bulk sorts soil and other materials.

Our commercial screening equipment is perfect for use in the mining, landscaping, demolition and construction industries.

All Traserscreen equipment has been designed and manufactured in Slovakia for demanding conditions and heavy-duty loads.

Commercial screening equipment

No matter what your sorting requirements, Taunton Holdings has a solution. Our commercial screening machinery is designed for soil sieving, rock sifting, and gravel and sand screening, and so much more.

Coconut Co

November 12, 2020

If you’re looking for natural, coconut-based skin care in New Zealand, Coconut Co can help.

Have the radiant skin you deserve, with our naturally beneficial coconut cream products.

With multiple variations and multiple uses, transport yourself with Coconut Co’s coconut oil cream products.

Coconut Oil Creams & Balms

Treat yourself and your skin to an indulgent new skin care range with Coconut Co. Try our original coconut oil cream product, or try a variation with pineapple, mango & papaya, or frangipani. We also have a natural coconut oil lip balm.

Natural Ingredients & Nutrition

We pride ourselves on optimising our customers’ skin care. How do we do that? We use only the highest quality of natural ingredients in our products, meaning your skin is fuelled with the vitamins it needs to glow.

How To Use

For those who have used coconut oil before, you’ll know all about its benefits. Acting as a natural, soothing ingredient, you can use our coconut cream products as skin lotion, lip lotion, makeup remover, night cream, antiseptic cream and much more.

Superior Airport Parking

November 12, 2020

The best priced off-site Christchurch Airport parking

Short-term parking and long-term parking options available, Superior Airport Parking offers safe and secure Christchurch Airport parking for most vehicles.

Indoor and outdoor parking options are offered at Superior Airport Parking. Our security measures comprise of locked parking areas with guard dogs, an electric front gate and intercom, and parking managers on-site for exceptional security

Top airport parking rates in Christchurch

Discount prices for longer parking and low rates makes choosing your airport parking easy. Our modest fees are competitive and cost-effective.

Safe and Secure Airport Parking

Look no further for reliable security. At Superior Airport Parking we strive to keep our compounds safe and secure, with boundary fencing overseen by site managers, and guard dogs to patrol the perimeter.

Available Parking for Short and Long-Term

Whether you are after Christchurch Airport parking for one night or one month, covered or uncovered, Superior Airport Parking has the perfect parking solution for you.

Cranford Street Garage

November 11, 2020

Cranford Street Garage is your home for top quality mechanical repairs in Christchurch!

Cranford Street Garage is a family owned business and pride ourselves on making our workshop a friendly and welcoming place to bring your vehicles for servicing.

All work on your vehicle is completed to a very high standard – backed up by our guarantee!

Repair services

Our highly trained repair specialists are experienced in repairing all car parts from suspension to tail lights. If you need exceptional quality repair work on your vehicle, see us in Christchurch today.

Servicing and Maintenance

No job is too difficult for the trustworthy crew at Cranford Street Garage. Your car will be fixed in no time and better than ever before with our excellent service.

Contact us today

Enquire more about our services and repair work in Christchurch. If you’re in the area, then bring in the vehicle and we can discuss all your repair and maintenance needs.

Composite Insulation

November 11, 2020

Changing the way the world builds… sustainability is no longer just a concept, it is reality.

Composite Insulation offers high performance insulation products that have longer life cycles.

Our premium insulation solutions are shipped and delivered overnight to homes around NZ.

Goldfoam XPS extruded polystyrene

For waterproof insulation that is simple to install and boasts a high compressive strength, enquire more about Goldforam XPS extruded polystyrene insulation from the specialists at Composite Insulation.

Rigid insulation panels

If you require premium PIR foam insulation panels, Composite Insulation supplies rigid insulation board from the leading manufacturers Celotex & TECH BOARD.

Pre-cast insulation concrete panels

Want the most structurally reliable form of insulation that can reduce maintenance costs, cooling and heating? Then contact the team at Composite Insulation and enquire about their supply of Thermomass ICP precast insulated concrete panels.

Christchurch Building and Decorating

November 11, 2020

Spruce up your home with a new kitchen renovation, interior wall paint, roof repairs or building maintenance, including hard landscaping.

Our builders are known throughout Christchurch for carrying out superior quality renovations – bathroom and kitchen renovations in particular.

If you’re looking for painting or building companies in Christchurch, we’re the team to call – 20 years experience, licensed builders, 100% care.

Home Renovations

If you have a list of jobs that need completing around the home, but don’t want three different contractors on site, or you are gathering quotes to complete a large house extension, Christchurch Building and Decorating is the place to call.

Kitchen Renovations

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen and you have a folder filled with kitchen design ideas, share them with our kitchen renovation experts for advice and a quote to build.


Roof painting, interior painting and decorating, wallpaper hanging, fence painting – Christchurch Building and Decorating can handle it all on time and on budget, so get in touch.

NZ Modern School of Music Aoraki

November 10, 2020

From the recorder, piano and keyboard to the drums and guitar, we offer Canterbury based lessons for a range of instruments.

No matter your age or ability, bring out the best of your musical talent with individualized lessons today.

Teaching Kiwis across the nation an appreciation of music, while guiding their ability to develop their skills.

Want to learn to play a musical instrument?

NZ Modern School of Music Aoraki believes that if you’d like to learn to play the guitar, drums, piano, cello, accordion or recorder, this should be a fun process and not locked down to exams or competitions if you don’t want to.

Music teachers available across Canterbury

The Canterbury based music teachers are dedicated to guiding in their development of their music skills, making lessons fun and practical while also introducing improvisation and more.

Music exams and competitions are available for students

Learn every aspect of playing music, including theory such as reading and writing music, and practical such as improvisation and playing by ear. We also offer our students the chance to participate in exams and competitions.

Solar Living

November 10, 2020

Use an environmentally friendly solar photovoltaic systems that will also reduce your electricity bills.

We provide solutions so you can lower your energy cost and reduce your power bills immediately.

We’re addressing climate change head-on, helping you embrace a sustainable future and keeping New Zealand clean and green.

Variety of quality solar products

We strive to offer the best in solar products available, so we can ensure that whether you choose a Jinko Solar Modules, Enasolar Inverters or Hopergy Mountings system, you’re still getting a top-quality, durable, long-lasting product.


Contact us at Solar Living to discuss the requirements and options for installing photovoltaic solar panel systems on your rural, residential or commercial property and we can get started with the fast and easy installation service today!

Solar powered system servicing and repair

The photovoltaic solar panel systems Solar Living installs are designed for a 25 year low maintenance life (yearly cleaning will be required). Robust warranties back up all products and if there are any issues you can contact us for expert assistance.

Turmeric Latte Mix

November 9, 2020

Order online today and have your order shipped right to you for free anywhere in New Zealand.

Organic, ethically farmed, no additives, no added sugar, and no caffeine options are all available.

Find the right latte mix for you with our vast product range of turmeric latte mixes.


There are many different ways to make our turmeric products which is why we offer a range of guides to display how our turmeric latte mixes can be used.


We want all youth to reach their potential and really believe in themselves which is why we donate $3 of every pack bought to the Magic Moments Foundation.

Our Info

Our business runs through Chiasso Coffee Company as our distributor in Auckland our products are imported and sent throughout the country, get in touch with us today if you have any questions.

Christchurch and Canterbury’s best experts and professionals specialising in landscaping.

November 9, 2020

local Canterbury outdoor landscaping and garden design from the experienced specialists and experts and Greenscapes.

Book an appointment for our services throughout the South Island, for experienced landscaping specialists from the Canterbury region.

From desk construction to irrigation to garden design and planting, Greenscapes provides it all with a range of services also including paving and excavation.

Outdoor garden areas

Greenscapes can plan and plant your garden to create your perfect outdoor space. Whether you are after small garden design, a low maintenance garden or commercial premises or complete backyard landscaping, the services at Greenscapes have you covered.

Planting and sowing services.

Create a tranquil, relaxing environment with our landscaping services. If you want more than just design, we also offer services sowing your lawn and planting for your convenience.

Concept to completion landscaping

From concept plans to completion, the team at Greenscapes will bring your landscape design ideas to life. See your outdoor landscaping ideas come to life with Greenscapes landscape design.


November 8, 2020

Across New Zealand, Dilicakes create indulgent cupcake bouquets, cookies, macarons and marshmallows.

Customise any of Dilicakes sweet treats by incorporating your company logo, text or image.

Anybody in New Zealand can order our fabulous edible treats from Dilicakes as we deliver nationwide.

Floral cupcake bouquets

Instead of sending the usual chocolates or flowers, send one of our specially handcrafted rose cupcake bouquets, in delicious chocolate or vanilla, and available in a range of buttercream colours.

Personalised cupcakes

Our bulk cupcake orders are perfect for corporate catering, private functions and social events. Our scrumptious cupcakes come in a range of flavours and colours and are simply delightful.

Delicious homemade cookies

All cookie orders can be personalised with your own company logo, branding, image or personal message. Tell us your requirements and we’ll customise our creamy fondant toppers for you.

Buy Bullion

November 8, 2020

We deal gold and silver bars, rounds and coins from Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington.

Don’t have a location nearby? We have made our services available online so you can buy and sell across New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on offering the best prices, having a high integrity and having great bulk sale prices.

We sell Silver

If you want to invest your money into something physical like silver, we can help you no matter where you are in New Zealand. Offering silver in a range of forms.

Investing in Gold

Our gold is ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice with next day signature and tracked delivery. Invest in something more physical with globally appreciated metals.

Custody Boxes

We have our own secure vault with many storage options including safe boxes both inside and out of the treasury for different security needs and wants.

Erban Spa

November 7, 2020

Devoted to wellbeing, Erban Spa are a professional beauty clinic dedicated to creating a calm oasis for the clients.

Immerse yourself in luxury, peace and quiet, and let our specialised therapists take care of you.

We provide a range of spa and beauty treatments and packages perfectly suited as a treat for yourself, a gift for others, or for a couple retreat.

Massage Treatments

Massages are proven to have beneficial effects on the body, including stress relief, pain relief and relaxation. Choose from a range of massage treatments, including full body, hot stone, pre and postnatal, restorative, aromatherapy and more.

Beauty Services

Treat yourself to a full beauty makeover at Erban Spa. After your massage, let our beauty technicians work their magic on your eyes, hands and feet, with eyelash, eyebrow, manicure and pedicure services. We also provide tanning and ipl services.

Wellbeing & Beauty Products

We highly recommend all our products to our customers. That’s why we have an online store full of indulgent, rejuvenating facial and body products. Continue to enhance your wellbeing after your visit with us, by using these products at home.

Huston Cross

November 7, 2020

To book one of the best roofing companies in Christchurch, book Huston Cross today.

Huston Cross is a locally operated business run by Jeremy Huston and Bevan Cross.

For new roof installation, commercial roofing or steel wall cladding, contact Huston Cross.

Commercial roof installation

Are you a business owner or property manager in charge of a commercial building with a dodgy roof? If your roof is beyond repair, we can replace your old one with a brand new one.

Corrugated iron wall cladding

Are you looking for wall cladding that is tough, durable, long-lasting and cost-effective? If so, Huston Cross recommends the use of steel iron. Talk to us about your options today.

My Tax Rentals

November 5, 2020

My Tax Rentals offers an easy, straightforward and cost-effective way to meet your rental property tax obligations.

Simplify rental property tax with the team at My Tax Rentals. Our methods provide you with a fast, effective and streamlined service.

Completely up to date with the rental property tax rules and regulations in NZ, you can rely on our experienced staff.

Rental property tax refunds

Owed a rental property tax refund? At My Tax Rentals, we make sure you get the cost-effective, flat fee service that you are entitled to, no matter whether the property ownership is joint, within a trust or personal.

Rental property tax returns for overseas owners

Have a rental property in New Zealand and due for a tax refund but live overseas? No need to worry with My Tax Rentals, as we can file your overseas property tax return in your place.


As we pride ourselves on our transparency and clear communication of information, we offer our FAQ page so you can view all the most pressing questions and queries with understandable answers.

The Glass Printery

November 5, 2020

For nearly 40 years, The Glass Printery have been creating perfect ceramic and glass prints for their customers.

Using only the highest quality materials, we supply print products to the hospitality and promotional markets, national and worldwide.

Our unique specialist knowledge and branding capabilities means we can help your brand stand out and have a lasting impression.

Glassware Printing

Personalised wine glasses, beer glasses or craft beer promotional glasses. You name it, we can do it. Build your brand and give it a personal touch by getting your logo printed on a range of glassware. We cater to the full hospitality industry.

Ceramic Printing

There’s nothing better than a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning. Create a brand logo or message, and give your customers personalised ceramic cups & mugs. We also print onto ceramic dinner plates and drink trays.

Accessory Printing

Need a wooden tasting panel to match your personalised beer and wine glasses? Or maybe your brand name on a specialised gift box? At The Glass Printery, we offer a range of accessory printing services, to help bring even more class to your brand.

On Pointe Studio

November 5, 2020

On Pointe Studio is a boutique fitness and wellness studio in Christchurch, providing a welcoming environment with fully qualified staff.

On Pointe Studio delivers a range of classes to suit your life and budget, and is the home of bootybarre® and reformer Pilates in Christchurch.

Take a holistic approach to your health and talk to our in-house nutritionist about a plan to improve your diet and lifestyle.

Barre exercise classes

Designed for all fitness levels, bootybarre© – pronounced boo-tee-bar or barre for short – is a complete body workout to music that combines Pilates, ballet and yoga with the use of a ballet barre.

Reformer and Pilates

Using a custom-made machine that combines a sliding carriage with bars and straps, our Pilates reformer gives you a full-body workout. A new take on classic Pilates that really works. Alternatively, give our mat Pilates classes a go.

Nutrition consultation

The clinical nutritionist at On Pointe Studio will examine all aspects of your life and devise a plan to address your specific health concerns and improve your general well-being.

Natural Living Homes

November 4, 2020

Dependable services for asbestos removal, construction and more from Christchurch’s local building company.

When looking for building companies in Christchurch, you need to find one you can trust.

Natural Living Homes has been in business for over 8 years and offers a variety of services.

Christchurch asbestos removal specialists

Prompt and secure removal is crucial when removing asbestos from your home, which is why you can trust the services of our experts at Natural Living Homes. Untreated asbestos can be hazardous, so get your home treated by our professionals today.

Top quality building services for construction and repair

When you need fast, high quality home repairs after an earthquake, or the expertise of our professional construction specialists, then call your local building company at Natural Living Homes today.

Interior and exterior painting services

With experts in both interior and exterior house painting and services that include texture painting, wallpapering and plastering, contact Natural Living Homes – To ensure you get the professional painting services your home needs.

Beneficial Insulation Installs Guaranteed Ltd

November 3, 2020

Looking for an efficient, professional insulation company to insulate your home or business in Christchurch? Look no further.

For over 10 years, Beneficial Insulation Installs Guaranteed (BIIG) have been a trusted name in Christchurch for all your insulation requirements.

Whether building new, renovating or in need of repairs, we’ll get your insulation done right the first time.

Our speciality

BIIG are your local experts when it comes to insulating your home or building. We specialise in ceiling and underfloor insulation, as well as low floors and dig outs. We provide quality service at competitive rates, and back all our own work.

Enjoy the benefits of good insulation

Having accurately installed insulation in your home or building can add extra comfort for you and your family. Making it easier to regulate indoor temperatures, professional insulation can also reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.


Keep your home warm and healthy with professionally placed insulation. Whether you need ceiling insulation or underfloor insulation, our team can help with that and more. Contact us about your insulation requirements today.

G Force – We Assemble | We Install

November 3, 2020

G Force operates We Install for Earthwool/Glasswool insulation & We Assemble for flat pack assembly – two great services for homeowners & landlords.

The skilled insulation installers at We Install are recommended by Bunnings NZ to anyone needing expert home insulation services NZ wide.

If you’d rather get us to put together your new piece of furniture, our flat pack assembly services team in Auckland is happy to oblige.

Insulation Supply & Installation

Looking for ways to survive unpredictable weather? Start at home with insulation installation. The team at We Install are the preferred Earthwool/Glasswool insulation installers for Bunnings NZ, helping Kiwis insulate for better protection.

Flatpack / Kitset Assembly

Do you need help constructing your new trampoline? Struggling to decipher the instructions on your new flat pack furniture? Book the team at We Assemble – professionals in kitset assembly services covering greater Auckland.

Get In Touch

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you with all your installation and assembling needs.

Work Safety & Apparel

November 2, 2020

Supplying the latest and most protective hi vis workwear and clothing throughout New Zealand.

Selling leading protective gear including lab coats, hard hats, eye protection and hearing protection.

Selling the best height safety harnesses and equipment throughout New Zealand. Whether you are from Christchurch or Auckland you can buy from us.

Our Contact

Contact us today via our contact form or through our phone numbers (09) 537 6012 or 0800 37 37 76. We can also be reached via our emails [email protected] and [email protected]

Buy Clothing

Our apparel and safety solutions store offers a range of workwear and clothing suited to resist flames, water, dust and electricity, whatever situation you need we are here to solve it.

Our Skin Care

We provide a large range of skincare products including body washes, conditioners, moisturisers, sunscreens, barrier creams, hand cleaners, dispensers and sunscreens.

North Canterbury Glass

November 2, 2020

For over 35 years, North Canterbury Glass has been the go-to company for all glazing needs.

You can relax as the North Canterbury Glass team guarantee their products and workmanship.

To book your free consultation, contact one of Canterbury’s most experienced glass companies today.

Cat door installation

The team at North Canterbury glass hold a large amount of microchipped and non-microchipped pet doors in stock. Talk to us about your requirements and our glaziers will ensure we supply the correct dog or cat door.

Automotive glass repairs

Has your vehicle been involved in an accident? Let our glaziers repair any cracked or broken glass. Bring your vehicle to our Rangiora workshop. Alternatively, our glazing team can come to you.

Frameless glass showers

Contact (site:name) to see if our glaziers can retrofit double glazing into your existing frames. This option is much more cost-effective than buying completely new frames.

Endless Energy

November 1, 2020

At Endless Energy, we’re helping businesses have exactly that – endless energy, with professional solar panel installations.

Offering installations throughout Canterbury, you can reap the benefits of free solar energy for decades to come.

With new solar panel installation, you’re not only living more sustainably, but you’ll save yourself money in the long run.

Installation Process

Taking care of everything from start to finish, our expert installation team are here to help make the process easy for you. We’ll start with a free, obligation-free quote and energy audit for your new solar panel installation, and take it from there.

Our Products

All our solar equipment is carefully chosen to ensure we install nothing but the best in your business. We use top quality PV panels, string inverters, microinverters and more from top global brands, as well as quality monitoring systems.

Solar Panel Info

Sustainable solar panels provide you with an endless power resource for you to use in your business or business. By converting the infinite renewable energy from the sun, solar panels help provide you with unlimited energy and save you on electrical bills.

Central City Tyres

November 1, 2020

Expert advice by our specialists to make your tyres last longer no matter the vehicle type.

Our vast catalogue of tyres for any and all vehicles and terrains are sure to suit your needs.

Get the right tyres with us, stocking only leading brands from around the world.


We make the conversion to mag wheels simple, ensuring your tyres fit and everything is correctly sized for your vehicle. Get in touch with us today to see what your options are.


With good tyres your vehicle will see improvements in handling, braking, fuel efficiency, and safety. Increasing the overall lifespan of your car with high quality tyres fit by professionals.


Realigning your tyres can fix many handling issues that come over time with regular use. If your handling isn’t what you expected, get in touch with us and we will see if we can help.